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Did you know?
The cat's sense of taste is weak, having only 473 taste buds to our 9,000. They make up for this with a superior sense of smell. The preferred temperature for feline food is 86 degrees F., the same temperature as a cat's tongue, thus refrigerated food doesn't appeal to a cat. In addition, the texture of your cat's food is very important.

Build your own insulated winter cat shelter. It's easy! Click here for instructions.

If you would like to buy a winter cat shelter instead of building your own, please contact Pat Burnell at 519.271.0657. We offer shelters for $25 each.

Below is an episode of the youtube series, 'Cheap and Green', featuring Feline Friends Network volunteers building insulated shelters. Thanks to video creators Rachelle Redford & Garner Haines!

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