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Did you know?
A cat does not scratch an object to sharpen his claws. Rather to rid himself of old claw sheaths, and to exercise the muscles associated with the retracting of the claws. Cats also have scent glands in the paws which communicate to other cats that they have been there.

wine raffle | october 17, 2016

FFN Annual Wine Raffle!
The winning tickets for our 2016 wine raffle have been drawn! The lucky winner of first prize: 65 bottles of wine, is Joanne Beaudoin of Kitchener. Second prize: 4 Stratford Festival Theatre tickets, 8 bottles of wine, plus 2 dinners for 2, goes to Joan Maloney of Stratford. And third prize: 2 CRP chairs + side table, plus gift basket (1 bottle red wine, glasses, blanket, cheese), belongs to Jeremy Wreford of Stratford. Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all of you who donated prizes, bought or sold tickets! The biggest beneficiaries of our wine raffle are the many cats who will be spayed, neutered, provided with medical treatment, or fostered by Feline Friends Network with the $8,900 raised!

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