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Did you know?
A cat does not scratch an object to sharpen his claws. Rather to rid himself of old claw sheaths, and to exercise the muscles associated with the retracting of the claws. Cats also have scent glands in the paws which communicate to other cats that they have been there.

world spay day | february 27, 2017

feline film festival 2017

Participating veterinary clinics are offering discounts on spays & neuters starting February 27, 2017!

World Spay Day is now in its twenty-seventh year and has gathered participation from over 70 countries around the world. The message is simple: Spay-neuter is necessary to enhance an animal’s health. Spay-neuter is necessary to help reduce overpopulation problems. Spay/neuter is necessary to reduce euthanasia levels.

Feline Friends Network is a charity that tirelessly promotes the value of spay-neuter procedures and its programs reflect that. FFN has sponsored over 1,800 spays & neuters since 2006. Of course, FFN wouldn’t be able to accomplish its goals without the involvement and support of veterinary hospitals whose medical and surgery skills are so vital.

Local clinics offering Spay Day discounts are :

Avon Pet Hospital, 519-271-7712,

Coventry Animal Hospital, 519-273-3471,

Romeo Pet Hospital, 519-272-2100,

Perth Veterinary Services, 519-271-5171,

St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, 519-284-3501,

Kirkton Veterinary, 519-229-8911,

Ilderton Pet Hospital, 519-666-2288,

Mitchell Veterinary Services, 519-348-9711,

Pauly Veterinary Clinic, 519-595-8888,

upscale book & bake sale | march 9, 2017

feline film festival 2017

Upscale Book & Bake Sale | Thursday, March 9, 2017 | 6-8pm


FFN’s annual Upscale at Fern Street has morphed into an Upscale Book and Bake Sale, and we’re seeking donations of the following:

  • books – in EXCELLENT CONDITION (no text books please)
  • baked goods – e.g. main course items such as quiche, bisque, chili, lasagna, etc. for purchase (not cakes and cookies)
  • AND scarves! (also cowls or shawls)

Please note that we are no longer accepting yardsale items not listed above. So start putting aside your used books and collecting cowls, scarves, and shawls. And get baking and freezing the food donations.

If you don’t enjoy mixing it up in the kitchen, please consider donating a $10 gift certificate to your favourite grocery store, bake shop, coffee shop, etc., as a prize for our penny raffle.


We're taking PRE-ORDERS for food leading up to our Upscale Book & Bake Sale on March 9! Our cooks are whipping up these delicious items : ham & swiss quiche, shrimp quiche, shrimp bisque, lasagna (traditional or seafood), tuna mac & cheese casserole, vegetarian chili, leek & potato soup, and mushroom barley soup.

If you have any questions regarding donations or if you want to pre-order food, please call Pat Burnell at 519.271.0657 or email her at

feline film festival | june 9, 2017

feline film festival 2017

Mark your calendar now! Our 5th annual @ Knox Church, Stratford. Contribute videos now by posting them on our facebook page ( Remember to include #felinefilmfest in your post. Or, email links to

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